Hit Refresh

Hello! Happy Sunday!Normally, I might have a new layout to share today, but this month, I haven't felt much like scrapping. I guess it's good to take a break now & then to refresh. I have a stack of photos to scrap, I just need the willpower to do something with them at this point.  … Continue reading Hit Refresh


Scrapbook Layout | Sisters

Hello!! Happy Sunday!Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite new layouts I've made this year. When I got the papers from Felicity Jane's June kit, I thought of some old black & white photos that might work with it, particularly the floral paper. Then, I found this photo of my grandma & her … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | Sisters

Scrapbook Layout | Another Flower

Hello! Happy Sunday! It's scorching hot here this weekend? The best way I've found to cool off is to scrap and work on my planners! Fun, and cool.I wanted to share a recent layout today. I love this black & white photo I have from the garden this summer, and I paired it with beautiful … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | Another Flower

Scrapbook Layout | June’s Promise

Hello!! Happy Sunday! It's quite a lovely summer day here, with a nice cool breeze flowing.Today I wanted to share a new layout. This rose bush in the backyard always starts blooming early in June, and is almost 40 years old! It never fails to impress, and also is a sweet reminder that love never … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | June’s Promise

Scrapbook Layout | Be Yourself

Hello! Happy Sunday!I wanted to share a new layout I made a couple days ago. I took some photos and selfies outside last week near sunset, and I got some good ones! Since this is a black and white photo, I felt free to add a lot of color and pattern to this page. I … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | Be Yourself

Scrapbook Layout | Spring

Hello!! Happy Sunday morning!Today, I wanted to share a bright and happy spring layout. I put these patterned papers together awhile ago...and finally I found a picture to go with them! Orange and blue have really been inspiring me lately. I guess I love the balance of cool and warm they give... and they are … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | Spring

Scrapbook Layout | #plannergoals

Hello! Happy snowy Sunday to you! The hope is that spring makes its comeback this week. We'll see... I made a whole bunch of layouts yesterday! I needed a creative day! Today, I wanted to share a new layout about my planner obsession. I love searching through hashtags on Instagram, and one of my faves … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | #plannergoals

Scrapbook Layout | Sunshine

Hello! Well, it's spring...but we got 2 inches of snow last night. I don't like this April Fool's joke. Let's get back to springtime, ok?! The flowers and trees have started to wake up, so enough with winter.This layout is all about springtime joy. I love this photo of Jake. She's my happy, sunshine girl.  … Continue reading Scrapbook Layout | Sunshine

Scrapbook Sunday | Queen Protea

Hello! Happy Sunday...and the first day of daylight savings time. It's a struggle to lose an hour of sleep, but it's sooo nice to have an extra hour of daylight!Today, I wanted to share a new layout. this layout was inspired by Wilna Furstenberg's new adventure collection. I don't ever remember seeing a Queen Protea … Continue reading Scrapbook Sunday | Queen Protea

Scrap Sunday

Hey! It's Sunday again!! Just a couple new layouts to share today. This will be the last Scrap Sunday...in this form at least! I am restructuring the way I post, and am going to add some new features here in August! Stay tuned...Have a great week!!-JR