Oh man, when I saw TAAFOMFT was having their final challenge, I knew I had to play along.  I remember participating when the site was brand new- so I had to make something for the last challenge too!This is my current favorite collection---- my paper stash!!!  If you would have told me 5 or 6 years ago … Continue reading Paper!


If I’m Not Around…..

.........I'm probably at the newsstand with my nose in a magazine!  Since I was a really little girl, I've always had a fascination with magazines.  My Mom got me hooked on mags, which I think she regretted because I would want to look all over town for the latest issues!  I think it started with … Continue reading If I’m Not Around…..

In The Cards…

I loved this challenge from TAAFOMFT--- what is your fave game?.  Mine would have to be card games-- Rummy, Uno, Card Sharks; the possibilities are endless with cards.  I remember playing cards with my grandparents.  I also remember in the summertime during my high school years, my Mom & I would play cards in the afternoon while … Continue reading In The Cards…

Be You!

I thought quite awhile about what quote I would choose for TAAFOMFT's latest challenge. I am a total nerd for collecting quotes! I finally chose a Dr. Seuss one, because really, a lot of good lessons can be found in his books. 🙂 "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't … Continue reading Be You!

My Fave Scrapper!

I loved the newest challenge over at TAAFOMFT! Who is my favorite scrapper? Well, of course, it's Dear Lizzy (Elizabeth Kartchner)! If you have read my blog for a while, you might remember I also chose her for my favorite blog as well. She is just so inspiring- I love her scrapbooking projects, classes, and … Continue reading My Fave Scrapper!

2010 Countdown

Oh my, less than two weeks until 2011 is here! I really can't believe it.Over these final days of 2010, I'm going to countdown my favorites of this year.First, I'm going to share my favorite layout of 2010. This is always a hard choice, it's like choosing your favorite kid, you know. Later on, I'll … Continue reading 2010 Countdown

MC’s The Best!!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope your week is off to a good start.... we're currently blanketed in snow here. So, this was a good time for me to have fun scrappin!! I haven't had hardly any time to scrap lately. Boo! This layout here is for TAAFOMFT's current challenge- who is your favorite celebrity? Mine has been … Continue reading MC’s The Best!!!

On Thin Ice…

Hello all!!I wanted to stop by again today to show you the layout I made for TAAFOMFT's current challenge-- what is your favorite sport? Now, I've never been real coordinated when it comes to playing sports, but I do like to watch from afar..... My favorite sport has probably always been Figure Skating. I started … Continue reading On Thin Ice…

The Flock

Hello all!! I just wanted to share this layout I've made for TAAFOMFT's current challenge (which I loved btw!!)! The challenge is to scrap about your favorite pet- well, I just couldn't choose ONE pet, so I made a layout FULL of birds!!!! All of the birds on my page belonged to my family at … Continue reading The Flock


Happy almost weekend everyone!!Just wanted to share this layout for TAAFOMFT's current challenge- who is your fave fictional character? Mine is Carrie from Sex and the City. Although technically, I guess she didn't begin as 'fictional', she's still my favorite character. I just loved the show & how she got to live a fashion filled … Continue reading Characters