Holiday Wrap-up 2016

Hello there! I have been wanting to put this post together for about a month now (how has it been a month since Christmas??). I just wanted to wrap-up Christmas 2016 and share a few favorite photos.

My ever-so girly tree.

Athena’s Christmas dress.

Our main (upside-down) tree.

Jake was checking out the Gurglepot to make sure it was ok to have in the house.  🙂

I made these last two photos into cards on the Becky Higgins’ Project Life app. I love how easy it is to put something nice and professional looking together so easily!

That’s it for Christmas! And that’s about how quickly it goes by in real time too! Onto Valentine’s Day…


A Look at December in my Happy Planner

Hello!! Happy New Year!  🙂  I know, it’s already January 12, but I needed to take a little break from here (and a lot of things) to recuperate from the holidays. It’s a wonderful time of year, but it takes a lot out of you, and it was hard for me this year to snap out of holiday mode. But, I’m back. Hopefully, more regularly too. I have a list of things I want to post about, but I have to start somewhere, so I decided to share my December Happy Planner spreads first and foremost!

This first photo is actually of my layout for January, but I just wanted to share my Happy Planner in her Deluxe Cover. I got the white one with polka dots. I love it!! I was afraid it would be bulky, because it’s a little bigger than an A5 size binder, but I like the protection it offers. Plus, I can decorate the pockets!

Here’s my monthly spread.

Week one of December.

Week two.

Week 3. I love the Mr. Grinch stickers here. 🙂 They are from Polished Patterns.

Week four. Christmas week!

Week five. Happy New Year!

I used a combination of stickers, patterned papers, and washi from Mambi, Sugar Paper for Target, Felicity Jane, stickers from the Bulleye’s Playground at Target, and Polished Patterns.

All right, thanks for stopping by today! I’ll return soon!

Checking In :)

Hello!! It’s a very snowy Thursday here. I just wanted to check in because December is always so busy and I kind of have to give some things up- like blogging on a regular basis. But, here’s my elf Natalie… she’s watching over all of us at home to make sure we stay on Santa’s nice list! I’ll be back soon!

Ways to Document Your December

Hello there!! It’s snowing a little bit outside and that makes me so happy and ready to get out my December albums and reminisce.

I wanted to share a few different ways you can document your December. It doesn’t have to be a pretty album and with expensive papers and embellishments. As long as you get your photos and words down, you’ve done a good job! Simply making the time to record it all is the biggest challenge.

First, I am currently working on this pretty album below. I got it last year from Felicity Jane, along with a kit that I used inside. I didn’t put it together last year because I wanted to think about what I wanted to be in this album. I finally decided to make it a ‘best of Christmas’ album. The photos I cherish the most from over the years are going in here. I have enjoyed putting it together so far!

Of course, one of the most popular ways to record the season is with a December Daily. One of the most recognized faces of this project is Ali Edwards. She has so much inspirational content, so check her site out.

I have been making a December Daily album every year since about 2010 I think. Some years I put a photo/sentiment for all 31 days of December, some years it’s just a 12 Days of Christmas theme. It can be whatever you want it to be!  🙂

This album below has a collection of Instax photos in it. Some albums can be tiny, to just highlight a specific series of photos. The design of this album was inspired by my favorite, Dear Lizzy.

Another way I’ve been recording December since 2009 is with Shutterfly books. I gather my favorite photos from December at the very beginning of January and put them all together in an album and Shutterfly ties it up with a bow! Not really, but it’s a fun process. Just put aside to do it soon after the holidays, because the more time that lapses, the less likely you will be to get it done. Sad, but true.

If you sign up for their emails, Shutterfly offers a few free books a couple times a year. My advice is to put the book together, so when the coupon code comes out, you can just hit ‘buy.’ My word of warning is to allow yourself time to upload the photos. I use a Canon DSLR and the files are quite large, and it can take hours to upload the photos. And, remember to save your work. Check more than once. Trust me.  🙂

Another way to document December is with a classic layout! I have been making scrapbook layouts for many years now, and it’s still satisfying to create a bunch of layouts and put them in an album.

This year, I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook to record December. I guess you can say I have been taken over by the planner community, so it’s natural to reach for a planning style book to document this month! I got this particular TN from Michaels over the summer for $3!

Here’s a peek inside…

Papers are from One Little Bird (2015), washi is from Sugar Paper for Target, and wooden numbers are from Felicity Jane (December 2015 kit).

Thanks for making it this far! I hope you now have a few ideas about how to get your December holiday memories down. Make it simple for yourself. You’ll be glad you made the effort!

December Daily | Past & Present

Hello! Happy December!!

It’s that time of year again… time to do some daily documenting. I have several December Daily albums from years past- here’s a few of them below. You don’t realize how much you forget until you look at your albums! I recommend documenting this month in some way that’s easy for you, so you can look back on all that happens this month.

This year, I am going to use a traveler’s notebook. I picked this album up from Michaels in the summer when they were on clearance. I looked at this red one, and I wanted it, but didn’t know what I would use it for. I had to go back the next day because it hit me- use it for your December Daily! I was glad it was still there. I may even be able to use it for multiple years, because it holds several books. I also liked that aspect, because it is challenging after 10+ years of scrapbooking, to find storage for all the stuff I make!  🙂

My plan is to print out a photo (or a couple) for each day in December and write a little about the day. I’ll check back in throughout the month (and on Instagram @JenManisCreates) with updates!

Traveler’s Notebook: Michaels (summer 2016)

Paper: One Little Bird (2015 digital paper)

Wooden Numbers: Felicity Jane (December 2015 kit)

Washi Tape: Sugar Paper for Target (2016)

Holiday Tree Festival | 2016

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I wanted to stop by and share some of this year’s Holiday Tree Festival with you. There are always so many creative ideas! We have been going to the Tree Fest since, well, forever, and it’s a tradition I love! 

Happy New Year! | 2015-2016

As I am writing this message, there are only 5 hours left in 2015! I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a happy 2016! I hope the new year is a good, peaceful one for all of us.

Happy New Year!!


Scrapbook Layout | December

Hello!! Only a couple more days of 2015! I am so excited for the new year, but I also want to say how much I enjoyed time with my family this month! This page is all about family. I took these photos before we went on our holiday walk, and I love how the papers and embellishments make these photos even more special to me! That’s what scrapbooking is all about to me.

Thanks for stopping by!


Scrapbook Layout | Elf

Happy last Monday of the year! It seems weird to be saying that! Wasn’t it just summer time??

I just wanted to share this little elf layout. It’s one of my favorite layouts of the year, which seems silly to say! I got the cute little elf die cut back at the Scrap Expo, and then spent about 25 minutes looking to find it for this layout! Don’t you hate when that happens?! The papers are digital papers from One Little Bird. I just love how this layout came together. It says happy holidays to me!  🙂

Thanks for stopping by today!