It’s my Birthday! :)

Today is my special day… I’m going to spend the day doing the things I love, spending time with special people, and dreaming of the future. It’s time to make some new goals!


Mom. She’s strong. She’s sassy. She’s beautiful. She’s cool. She’s fierce. She’s a quick thinker. She’s my role model. She’s my biggest fan. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Happy birthday to my mom! xoxo

Perfect 10!


I just wanted to share a couple photos of my Jakey girl- she’s 10 years old today! She’s such a wonderful girl- so smart, pretty and wise. She makes this world a more fun place to be, for sure!  🙂

Scrapbook Sunday | Queen Protea

Hello! Happy Sunday…and the first day of daylight savings time. It’s a struggle to lose an hour of sleep, but it’s sooo nice to have an extra hour of daylight!

Today, I wanted to share a new layout. this layout was inspired by Wilna Furstenberg’s new adventure collection. I don’t ever remember seeing a Queen Protea flower until last year when I bought my mom some flowers for her birthday. They are so unique looking! When I saw these protea printables, I had to make a layout! And, of course, I added some little wooden birds to complete the page.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

33 | Birthday

Yep. It’s my birthday! I am excited to begin another year of life. I want to live life to the fullest. I am so lucky and grateful for the life I have been given.

And, yes, I still feel this excited when my birthday rolls around.  🙂


Birthday Time!

In just a few short days I will have another birthday!  🙂 This layout is from my birthday last year, and it’s crazy to think how much changes in a year. I can’t wait to see what 33 will have in store for me!

Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday Jake!

Today my little Jake is 9 years old!! We adopted her as a tiny baby, and it’s been a wonderful ride seeing her grow and become so smart!

above… Jake as a baby

and, above, Jake in 2015

We love you girl!!!! Here’s to many, many, many more happy birthdays with you!


Perfect Ten

This little man is 10 years old today!! My mom picked him out, but we all loved him from the start. There is not a mean bone in his body. He is gentle, always waking up with a song in his heart. He is a great little companion. I love you Maxx!  ♥


Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I celebrated my 31st birthday! We all had a girl’s day out. We traveled a little bit south to Amish Country. It’s so beautiful there this time of year!

 Beautiful landscapes!

 I love seeing all the horses!

 I’ve got that wind-blown look!

 My beautiful mom! The reason I have a birthday!  🙂

Me + cake.
It was a good day. I feel good about 31.