Happy Halloween!

I just wrote yesterday that I'm not that into Halloween. But, when there are cute papers (or candy!) involved, I can make an exception! I made a couple little traveler's notebook inserts featuring some gorgeous paper from  Authentique in a kit I got at the Scrapbook Expo. I just cut the papers down, and added … Continue reading Happy Halloween!


2017 Scrapbook Expo Review | Akron, OH

Hello! Last weekend, I attended the Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo (for the third year in a row!!). I just wanted to share my haul with you all... My haul literally took up half of my bed. Soooo much goodness. There were less than 25 vendors, but the ones that were there were pretty … Continue reading 2017 Scrapbook Expo Review | Akron, OH

The Planner Society | May 2017 Kit

I did it. I finally subscribed to The Planner Society main planner kit. I've been looking at these for at least a year, maybe longer. It never seemed like the right time for me to take on something like that. I've been scrapbooking since 2006, and I've never subscribed to any kit clubs! I've purchased … Continue reading The Planner Society | May 2017 Kit

National Crafting Week

I was so sad that I didn't get to participate in any events for iNSD (International Scrapbooking Day) last Saturday. I always seem to work that day. I've got to change that one of these days! But, I'm super excited that this week is National Crafting Week! A whole week dedicated to my favorite hobby! … Continue reading National Crafting Week

Scrapbooking in a Traveler’s Notebook Update

Hi there! So, I decided to switch up my scrapbooking routine a few months ago. I switched from making classic 12x12 layouts to a Traveler's Notebook format. I still love it! It's a quick and creative way for me to just get my photos and words down. I really wish that I would take a … Continue reading Scrapbooking in a Traveler’s Notebook Update

Using a Traveler’s Notebook for Scrapbooking

Hello!!Today I want to share my new scrapbooking system. So, I've been scrapbooking for over 10 years now. I have hundreds of layouts stored very nicely in Iris boxes. I am running out of room. 😯 Plus, after so many years, I am a little bored with filling up 12X12 pages. And, it takes a … Continue reading Using a Traveler’s Notebook for Scrapbooking

My Planner System for 2017

Hello! Happy Sunday!Finally!! I think I have my planner system set up for now. I have many perfectly lovely planners, and I have been spending the past month & a half perfecting my planner system for my needs right now. So, I want to introduce you to my current planner stack: I had a moment … Continue reading My Planner System for 2017

A Look at December in my Happy Planner

Hello!! Happy New Year!  🙂  I know, it's already January 12, but I needed to take a little break from here (and a lot of things) to recuperate from the holidays. It's a wonderful time of year, but it takes a lot out of you, and it was hard for me this year to snap … Continue reading A Look at December in my Happy Planner

Favorite 16 of 2016!

Hello! It's New Year's Eve... I can't believe 2016 is coming to a close so soon! The years go by faster and faster, I swear!I put together my favorite layouts for the year below... I also added in some favorite planner spreads, because planning took up a lot of my creative time this year. In … Continue reading Favorite 16 of 2016!

Ways to Document Your December

Hello there!! It's snowing a little bit outside and that makes me so happy and ready to get out my December albums and reminisce.I wanted to share a few different ways you can document your December. It doesn't have to be a pretty album and with expensive papers and embellishments. As long as you get … Continue reading Ways to Document Your December