Rose of Sharon | Summer 2018

Hello! I have some more planner posts coming soon, but I wanted to take a moment to share these photos I recently took of our Rose of Sharon shrub in the garden. I photographed these on a warm summer night during the golden hour using my soft focus lens. Oh, these photos speak to my … Continue reading Rose of Sharon | Summer 2018


Spring Blooms

Hello! Today I just wanted to share some photos from the garden. It seems like spring took *forever* to get here... and even longer for the flowers to start blooming. Here are some of my early faves...I can't wait to scrap these! I feel like I need to make a botanical mini album too... Thanks … Continue reading Spring Blooms


Our azaleas in the garden are in full bloom right now. I love how gorgeous these flowers look. Here's a little info I found about this beautiful flower: a strong symbol of womanhood; softness; fragility; passion; also to take care of oneself. A lovely gift for this Mother's Day weekend, don't you think?