New Toys & Christmas Day Photos

Hello everyone!  Thought I’d stop by today & share some Christmas photos with you!  My family & I had a great day- it was joyful and peaceful…. and full of pretty presents too!  πŸ™‚
My fave gift…… a pink mini Instax camera!!!!!

I went to town taking photos with it!!

I bought these pretty flowers for my mama…
Christmas morning, before opening the gifts.  My snowmonster also made an appearance!
Jakey helped us open the gifts!
Mom & me.  We were dressed warmly, but the weather here was actually quite balmy!

Jakey & her Santa hat.

Athena & her Santa hat.  


Mom & me.

It was quite a lovely day.

 Hope you also had a wonderful Christmas!
I’ll be back this week with a few different countdowns to 2012!

Thanks for stopping by!  πŸ™‚



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