2X The Fun

Hi everyone!  I’m stopping by to share some layouts that I’ve never shared before.  They all have one thing in common— they’re double page spreads! 
I rarely do 12 X 24 layouts for a few reasons:
1. that’s a huge space to fill!
2. it takes up even more room in my albums than a single page layout
3. it’s hard to photograph well enough to share
But, despite these reasons, I like these large layouts every once in a while because sometimes it helps to tell a story better if you have a large canvas.  Also, when I have several pictures I want to feature, but I don’t want to shrink them to an itty bitty size, these 12 X 24 spreads come in handy.

This layout below was an experiment to see how a layout would look vertically.  I think if you have the right story, it can look cute!

Looking back on these layouts kinda makes me want to make some more larger than life layouts again!
Thanks for stopping by!  🙂

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