Flashback Friday: Scrap Land

I’ve had a dedicated craft space since 2007…. I thought it might be fun to look back at how my scrap space has evolved…. and grown!
welcome to scrap land!
At first, I just stored my supplies in an old trunk….. but as I added tools and new things, I needed some room to spread out…..
So then, I had a nice location in the basement- with a desk and large table.

 Of course, I had taken over a good part of the basement within a few months….. it was time to move on.

I then moved upstairs into a spare bedroom (where I still am 3 years later!).  I was excited to have plenty of room to expand!

 A little decorating and painting made the room even better for me!  🙂

 Last year, I added two large bookcases to store my stuff!

I also got new carpet last year- everything was packed up!  It was a ton of work, but I got to redecorate again!  🙂

This is how my room looks this year- but I am in the process of purging old stuff and reworking the walls right now- new pictures coming soon!!  🙂

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thanks for stopping by!  🙂



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